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Geotechno designs and manufactures the most widely used sampling tools and accessories for groundwater and geotechnical applications worldwide.

Combined with our complete line of Hollow Stem Augers, our equipment represents the most advanced approach for increasing the efficiency and profitability in monitoring groundwater and landfill gas. In addition, our product line enhances accuracy and safety in these applications.

To help you meet your specific challenge, Mobile Drill Hollow Stem Augers are available with threaded or key-type "TRI-LOK" couplings and with ID:s ranging from 2 1/2" to 10 1/4" (64-240 mm). All versions can be combined with a wide range of drill heads designed for maximum penetration rate and with tools for simultaneous sampling using either in-holehammer, wireline or overshot wireline sampling methods.

  BUITEN ø mm 143 168 194 245
  BUITEN ø inch 5 5/8’’ 6 5/8’’ 7 5/8’’ 9 5/8’’
    Auger Size I.D. in inches
Binnen ø 

2 1/4 I.D.

(57 mm)

3 1/4 I.D.

(83 mm)

4 1/4 I.D.

(108 mm)

6 1/4 I.D.

(159 mm)

1 Double Adaptateur Cap - 2’’ hex Q-155-2 Q-155-3 Q-155-4 Q-155-6
Double Adaptateur Cap - 1 5/8’’ hex Q-100 Q-115 Q-127 Q-137
2 Nut and Bolt Q-101 Q-116 Q-128 Q-138
3 Hollow Stem Auger 5ft Q-102 Q-117 Q-129 Q-139
Lead Hollow Stem Auger 5ft Q-102 L Q-117 L Q-129 L Q-139 L
Hollow Stem Auger 2 1/2 ft Q-103 Q-118 Q-130 Q-140
4 Hollow Stem Auger Head/Finger Type Bit Q-104 Q-119 Q-131 Q-141
Hollow Stem Auger Head heavy Duty Q-104 HD Q-119 HD Q-131 HD Q-141 HD
Hollow Stem Auger Head/Blade Type Bit Q-105 Q-120 Q-132 Q-142
Hollow Stem Auger Head/conical Type Q-376 Q-377 Q-378 Q-379
Hollow Stem Auger Head/conical Spade Q-376S Q-377S Q-378S Q-379S
5 AWJ Rod to Cap Adaptater Q-415 Q-156AW Q-156AW Q-156AW
NWJ Rod to Cap Adaptater N/A Q-156NW Q-156NW Q-156NW
AW Rod to Cap Adaptater Q-106 Q-121 Q-121 Q-121
NW Rod to Cap Adaptater N/A Q-122 Q-122 Q-122
6 AWJ Pilot Assembly w/Center Bit Q-368 Q-370AW Q-371AW Q-372AW
NWJ Pilot Assembly w/Center Bit N/A Q-370 Q-371 Q-372
AW Pilot Assembly w/Center Bit Q-107 Q-123 Q-268 N/A
NW Pilot Assembly w/Center Bit N/A Q-124 Q-134 Q-144
7 Center Bit Q-108 Q-125 Q-135 Q-41
8 Bushing Q-109 Q-109 Q-109 Q109
9 Bolt Q-110 Q-110 Q-110 Q-110
10 Thread Protector Q-111 Q-111 Q-111 Q-111
  Auger Bolt Seal Q-110C Q-110C Q-110C Q-110C
Gasket N/A Q-117G Q-129G N/A
O Ring N/A Q-117-1 H-48 Q-145
11 Blade Bit Q-113 Q-113 Q-113 Q-113
12 Finger Bit Q-114 Q-114 Q-114 Q-114
13 Conical Bit Q-153 Q-153 Q-153 Q-153
14 Heavy Duty Bit Q-248 Q-248 Q-248 Q-248
  Spade Bit Q-155 Q-155 Q-155 Q-155
Large Conical Bit Q-153L Q-153L Q-153L Q-153L
Auger Holder Q-300 Q-300 Q-302 Q-304
Auger Retriever Q-299 Q-301 Q-303 Q-305
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