We manufacture four types of greases, with high quality oils and stearates, with or without particles of soft
metals, or graphite.

According as the oil is mineral, vegetal or synthetic ester, we propose classic greases, or without hydrocarbons, for sites with ecological problems.

Classic grease

These greases (blond) contain no additive, only oil and pasting. A blond grease without hydrocarbons, with vegetal oil presents strictly no problem for environment.

Copper grease

Contains in weight 25, 36, 45 or 60% of copper particles 50 microns. The product finished is an exceptional anti-clutching agent, which resists to 1000°C of temperature.
Our 60% type is a paste, used for down the holehammer threads.

Zinc grease

Contains 50% in weight of pure zinc particles 50 microns.
The product is less efficient than Copper, so must be used in normal conditions. For rod threads, tricones and drag bits.

Graphite grease

Contains 20% of pure graphite particles. Gives good results below 500 Kg/m of torque on threads.
We manufacture a without hydrocarbons type, with no risk for environment and health.

Lead grease

Contains in weight 60% of lead. This product is now nearly forsaken in Europe for waterwells and geotechnical drilling, because of high toxicity of lead.
The same use as copper greases, with lower temperatures (300°C).

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